Based in Paris, fashion Doll Agency evolves between craftsmanship and fashionista vision.

Craftsmanship because our dolls are conceived as artistic creations, real art pieces made by hand.

Fashionista because our dolls are immersed in the world of fashion, the elegance of materials and sumptuous fabrics.


fDA label guarantees a refined and high-quality fashion doll.

fDA is a dolly family who extends its arms to you with kindness.

It's your turn to play!

Nunzio Carbone - work in progress


2007/2010  THE BEGINNING

fDA first collections of

outfits & dolls 1.0


2007 December

Kaori first sculpt opens the fDA catwalk with this look, specially created for the Haute Doll magazine.




worn by Kaori first sculpt


2008 March

Kaori first sculpt debutes at the Paris Fashion Doll Festival to present the first -fDA Couture Collection. A celebration, a party, an ode to the doll! Embroidery in chic Indian style, silver and leather jewelry dazzle the new admirers who come to contemplate it.




worn by Kaori first sculpt




worn by Petra, Manon, Pola, Marcella, Kaori

2008 / 2009

The flamboyant Petra makes a remarkable entrance at the Paris Creation Festival in November 2008. Then Manon, Pola, Marcella and Kaori follow her to charm the audience.

Première is a puzzle : a variety of easy breezy and classy fDA outfits.



2010 Mars

The beautiful Kaori first sculpt makes us travel and discover her origins.

Like an excess of volume in the shapes and scales given to the headgears and puffed dresses, this fDA collection is a true hymn to japanese culture and Tokyo.




worn by Kaori first sculpt


2011/2013  SIGNATURE

Signature OOAK Couture collections

& limited collections of fDA dolls 1.0




worn by Pola, Marcella, Kaori, Manon & Petra

2011 March

Our 5 models wear fDA OOAK handmade outfits. Renaissance symbolizes the rejoicing in Haute Couture, the one that envelops with linen, silk, leather, which sublimates the volume or the touch of the skin, the one that is expressive and transcends the gestures.





worn by Pola, Marcella, Kaori, Manon & Petra


2011 / 2012

This fDA collection is made in honor of timeless chic parisien 'black'. Our 5 models present the classics of their wardrobe : a cocktail dress, a little dress, an inspired cowboy look, a rock & roll outfit, a revisited tailor suit and a big gala dress.


2012 March

At the 2011 Paris Fashion Doll Festival, Nunzio meets Arturo Martinez, co-founder of MartinezLierah and dolls lover. From their collaboration this Couture collection was born : 15 fDA OOAK dolls dressed with avant-garde looks.




worn by Pola, Marcella, Kaori, Manon & Petra


2013 May

Presented at the Italian Doll Convention, this 6 pieces handmade capsule collection is a collaboration with Marcella Carbone in Italie. The outfits illustrate the fDA vision of milanese woman. The dress is knitted in natural linen. The sandals and the bag are made of sandalwood and leather.




worn by Pola, Marcella, Manon & Petra


2014/2017  THE DOLLY BOOM

New 1.1 characters - resin head sculpt -

joined the five original fDA 1.0 dolls.


2014 March

This OOAK Couture collection combines the softness of the knitting, handmade by Marcella Carbone, with a neo-barbare/gypsy chic style. First glimpse of the new models soon coming to integrate the fDA agency. Starring Nîna first sculpt.




worn by Nîna first sculpt




worn by Chlôé, Lia & Sveva

2014 November

Conceived by Nunzio Carbone and tailored by the talented Evelyne Delobbe, this collection finds its inspiration in the parisian chic and in the design of fashion designers trained at the Antwerp school. Chlôé, Lia and Sveva officially join the fDA agency.





worn by Sveva, Nîna & Sâsha

2014 November

The fDA Croisière collection, delicate and subtile, made of mesh and lace, illustrates a fantasy parade in a cruising atmosphere. Dress code élégance is required.

Nîna and Sâsha join the well know Sveva.





worn by Lia, Sâsha, Cate & Grace

2015 March

Lia, Sâsha and two new comers, Cate & Grace, wear a contemporary outfit that combines fluid and rigid materials and structures. This is the union of romanticism and urban style, two mayor inspirations on fDA creations, handmade tailored by Evelyne Delobbe.



2015 May

For the Italian Doll Convention in Milan, fDA creates a pastel, fun & girly colored collection, in contrast to Milano presented in the previous edition. A common point connect them : linen dresses knitted by Marcella Carbone. The outfits are worn by NînaCate and Sâsha.




worn by Nîna, Cate & Sâsha


2015 September

The fDA Croisière moored at the docks of the Madrid Fashion Doll Show Convention. Once again, our swimsuits play minimalism. Monochrome, simplicity and sobriety dress the body. Whether dressed in azure or sandy beige, Cate, Grace and Lia tan on the beach.




worn by Cate, Grace & Lia


2015 November

For the Roma Fashion Doll Convention, fDA unveils a striking and trendy limited collection worthy of leading fashion magazines. Lia, Sâsha and Cate camp contemporary Valkyry warriors. Leather and metal reinforce this conquering feminine strength.




worn by Lia, Sâsha & Cate





worn by par Nîna, Cate & Sâsha

2016 March

Patrizio Cipriano creates geometric and stylized dresses for Nîna, Cate and Sâsha in pop colors. Like a nod to the work of visionaries like Mugler. fDA completes the OOAK collection by creating a Dietrich inspired makeup, extravagant hairstyles and shoes.





worn by Marcella, Kaori, Manon, Pola, Petra, Cate, Chlôé, Grace, Lia, Nîna, Sâsha & Sveva

2016 December

After ten years of catwalks all over the world, Marcella, Kaori, Manon, Pola and Petra meet Cate, Chlôé, Grace, Lia, Nîna, Sâsha and Sveva.

It shows a fDA OOAK family portrait, a clean and simple look, enriched by Monica Nuñez del Castillo's jewels. Oh paradise...




worn by Pola, Petra, Kaori & Manon

2017 March

5 characters come along to enrich the most cherish fDA theme for collectors. The creations of this second act of Renaissance Haute Couture OOAK magnify the fabrics, leathers and precious materials recovered in the past at fashion shows as Chanel, Emilio Pucci and Dior, among others.


2017 December

The twins come close to the fDA 1.0 catwalk. Emilia, a rider, reminds us that Deauville is a city of horses races. Elia, playful and mischievous, is ready to go to the prestigious Casino Barrière to enjoy a night in the Parisian Rivera.




worn by Emilia & Elia



New sculpture dolls 2.0

join the big fDA family.





worn by Max, Lou & Jill

2019 January

Max, Lou and Jill renew the ranks of our models. New sculpture, new articulation, new faces.

Always in the spirit and tradition defined by fDA.

Come quickly discover them here.



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